Friday, May 29, 2009

Hexiom Connect

It's been a while since the last Flash game Friday. I'd like to say that's because my standards are high and I only want to post the best games, but then again there are a lot of lies I'd like to tell.

As a rule, puzzle games are mostly rip-offs of other puzzle games. There's something ironic about the designers in this genre not putting any creative thought behind their games. But Hexiom Connect is different, it's a concept I hadn't seen before. It's sort of like a jigsaw puzzle, with a little more thought put into it. At the lower levels, it's a game of "this piece must be in this space, which means that piece must be in that space," etc. At higher levels, there are 5 different possible pieces that can be put in any given space, so it becomes a tiresome chore of trying every different possible combination until one works. Or using a walkthrough.

Hopefully, they'll make a Hexiom Connect 2 which has more "intentional" feeling levels, but until then this one is worth a play through.

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